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thecw_20n20's Journal

The CW 20n20 Icon Challenge
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Welcome to The CW 20n20 Icon Challenge.

Here are the rules of the game:

01. To participate, you must join.

02. Claim a character, episode, couple, etc. I will make sure to specify who or what you should be claiming. There will also be free rounds where you can icon anything you like.

03. No making the same claim back to back.

04. Extensions can be given when requested.

05. The icons must fit LJ standards (under 40kb, 100x100px and either .png, .gif or .jpg file format)

06. All icons must be new and posted to either your journal or community or this community. If you post in a private journal or community, please leave entries unlocked until voting is up or over.

07. What kind of images you are allowed to use will be posted in the rules of each round.

08. No animated icons unless the theme calls for it.

09. The shows that we are currently iconing are listed in the sidebar.

10. Your claim needs to be the focus of your icons. There will be times when the theme calls for you to use other people in the icons but try to keep to your claim as much as possible.

11. If there are spoilers, please put a warning in your preview and do not include the spoiler icon in your preview as well.

12. The rules for each round will change so be sure to make sure that you read each round information post carefully.